Support for individuals and businesses through one-to-one sessions, group workshops, courses and organisation-wide health and wellbeing programmes.

One-to-One Sessions

– individual help with –

self-awareness • pain and discomfort • reducing stress • overcoming limiting beliefs • emotional fitness

Courses & Workshops

– group support in –

mindfulness • building resilience • maintaining motivation • calm and focus • stress management

Workplace Wellbeing

– support for the workplace –

developing wellbeing know-how • wellness & resilience programs • practical mindfulness

Balance in Mind and Body

We all experience ourselves as a body and a mind. Both record all the challenges, triumphs, difficulties and traumas that have been significant to us. Sometimes these physical and emotional memories are helpful to us, other times a hindrance.

Whether single events or habits, the story of what you have been through is written within all of your tissues, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. With mindfulness we can nurture those that help us to be all that we can be. Are you feeling whole?

dark background selfie

We all have the capability of improving our wellbeing and optimising our health: physically, emotionally, mentally. Sometimes we just need a nudge. Read more

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