'Being Ok'

A 6-week course exploring the benefits of a mindful approach to life

Whoever you are, wherever you live, whatever you do, the modern world doesn't make things easy. There's always more to do, never enough time and an increasing demand for results. And yet, all too often, this pressure just seems to leave us dissatisfied, struggling and stressed. It's at this point that many people turn to the world of mindfulness and the very many benefits for mind and body that regular practice can offer.

This introductory course in mindfulness invites you to consider the question, 'what does it take to be ok?' and gives you the chance to explore mindfulness in a relaxed and informal way. It consists of 6 group sessions over consecutive weeks.

Each session considers a different aspect of mindfulness, delving into the attitudes and principles that embody a more present way of viewing and being in the world, using discussion, reflection, stories, poems and meditative practices, helping us to live more mindfully.


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Week 1 – Waking Up

  • Introductions, participation and approach
  • Why mindfulness?
  • The attitudes of mindfulness
  • Demystifying mediation
  • Formal and informal mindfulness
  • Waking up from automatic pilot
  • Suggestions for home practice
Body and Mind 2

Week 2 – Body and Mind

  • Body awareness
  • Reflection on week 1 home practice
  • Making sense of thoughts and feelings
  • The breathing space: introduction
  • Home practice
Focus on the Body

Week 3 – Focus and Movement

  • Moving mindfully
  • Reflection on week 2 home practice
  • Sitting practice: awareness of breath and body
  • Reflecting on change
  • Focus and attention
  • Home practice
Making Meaning

Week 4 – Making Meaning

  • The Mountain
  • Reflection on week 3 home practice
  • Resilience and mindfulness
  • Two wolves
  • Sitting practice: breath, body, thoughts and feelings
  • Home practice
Accepting Silent Space

Week 5 – Accepting Stillness

  • The Lake
  • Reflection on week 4 home practice
  • Self-care
  • Breathing Space: an invitation
  • Stillness and silence
  • Home practice
Compassion Image

Week 6 – Embracing Compassion

  • A practice of loving kindness
  • Reflection on week 5 home practice
  • Incorporating mindfulness
  • Vision and value
  • Reflecting on the journey
  • Next steps

Next 6-week course:

Spring 2024 (dates TBC)

Venue: The Terrace, Lincoln, LN2 1BD

Course fee: £275

Max 8 participants

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