Craniosacral Therapy

Help with stress, pain, fatigue or discomfort?


Seeking a calmer way of life?

Breakthrough NLP

Want to change your thinking and break unhelpful habits?

For babies and small children

Please contact Laura Shakeshaft for further information regarding working with babies and small children.

She can be found via her website Rhythm and Harmony.

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About John Armitage

I believe that we all have the capability of improving our wellbeing and optimising our health: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually.

Balance in Mind and Body

Your body, as well as your mind, holds a memory of all you have experienced. Within both, you contain a record of all the challenges, triumphs, difficulties and traumas that have been significant to you. Whether single events or habits, the story of what you have been through is written within all of your tissues, feelings, thoughts and beliefs. Are you feeling whole?

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