What’s Right for You?

‘Where is your energy for change?’

This simple question can reveal so much about how our complex selves hold on to unhelpful habits, negative emotions and trauma. As a consequence, my work is with the whole you. Mind, body and soul. I therefore draw upon several different forms of therapy in my work, depending upon your situation and inclinations.

Sometimes the emphasis in treatment is within the body, sometimes the mind, or often somewhere between the two in your emotional self.

Whilst CST, Mindfulness and NLP can all be beneficial for anyone and often overlap in their scope, they also have their differences.

Using Craniosacral Therapy, I work from the body, feeling for restriction, tension, trauma and facilitating release and ease of movement. For cranial work you will usually lie down, fully clothed and is usually experienced as calming, relaxing and extremely gentle.

Mindfulness is ideal for reducing stress and over-thinking in the mind, and with a little practice, can prove extremely effective at helping with an easier and more peaceful life. The recent popularity of Mindfulness, particularly in business, is testament to how effective and beneficial its many forms can be.

NLP is more talking-based and seeks to help you change unwanted and unhelpful thinking habits, whether acquired through long practice, or in a single instance through a shocking experience. It is made up of many different approaches and techniques for changing habits of thinking, feeling and behaving and can often produce very rapid results.

Often, it is a combination of mind and body work, talking, sensing and focusing attention that provides the most therapeutic benefit.

craniosacral therapy

Alternatively, you may wish to have an introductory 'mutual assessment', a short session in which we can discuss your situation and whether and how I may be able to help. If that's the case, contact me for more details or to book an appointment.

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